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Being There

Late yesterday I received an email from a client with a request that I make some edits to a presentation for him. He needed the presentation completed first thing in the morning and was going to send me the presentation during the night. I replied and told him I would be happy to get the project completed for him to meet his deadline.

I received a text alert at about 9:30 last night which stated that his email, containing the presentation had arrived.Knowing his tight schedule, I decided to get back to the office and get the job done. I figured there was no need for both of us to be thinking about it all night. Well as it turned out it was good that I looked at it when I did because I had some questions. Questions that may not have been answered so quickly had I waited until morning.

The project was completed a short time later and we both lost no sleep over it.

I truly believe that going above and beyond the call of duty should be common practice in customer relations.